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What is quizlr anyway?

Quizlr is a multi-purpose tool designed specifically for quiz studying. Some cool things about our site:

  • Frustrated that you have no way to share information easily with your teammates? You can make a digitalized, secure "bank" of notecards accessible to everyone from your school-and no one else.
  • Don't care about what your science player is studying? Always losing your own notecards? Personalize your dashboard to display notecards in your chosen areas
  • Tired of sorting through masses of physical notecards? Be not afraid! With quizlr, you can tag notecards for easy access later
  • Always forget that one character's name from Macbeth? Mark clues you forget easily to review later with our study function
  • Curious about what that new player is specializing in? Track your teammates study progress
  • Forgot what you were meaning to look up last week? Make a to-do list of things to study later that will never get lost with your train of thought

  • Still not convinced? Sign up anyway, it's completely free.